Extra Large Bean Bag

Bean Items Yoga Mat Bag Immense Simple Open Zipper 100percent Cotton Fiber Produced In United States Of America

Our extra-large, durable and trendy Yoga Mat case will hold also additional thick yoga mats as well as other tools eg towel, block, and liquid container. Our Bean Yoga, Yoga Mat bag has actually a durable zipper running its full length rendering it effortless to place your mat in to the case which can not be stated regarding the standard pipe designed bag that sticks into mat while you try to place it to the small orifice.  Bean Yoga cotton fiber mat bags are presented in 20 delicious colors featuring another zipper pocket for all your tiny fundamentals and a big holding shoulder strap. Produced from durable 10oz. 100% cotton fiber duck material. 7″ Diameter x 27″ Length x 11″ circumference.

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