Gold Choker Necklace

A quintessential style accessory, the choker necklace is not actually appropriate every neck.  Unfortunately, this necklace  really is made to accentuate the thin, long neck so preferred in the 1920s.  Additionally, since they are  designed specifically to be tight, thus the name choker, they’re challenging for almost any woman who simply dislikes the  feel of something which form-fitting.

Just what would you wear with the Necklace?

Chokers are used with multiple designs.  They look wonderful when paired with an adequately tailored switch up  top.  A heavier choker is an attractive accessory for a female in an elegant, strapless dress. Indeed, it is possible to put on  a choker with a variety of looks, provided they are built to draw attention to the neckline.  Some of the very first  well-known chokers had been actually Victorian in design and used to hold a cameo in the root of the throat.

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