Moissanite Studs

Diamond Men

I remember whenever all my friends were consistently getting their particular ears pierced, and diamond ear men where in actuality the things to get. We were exactly about 11 and 12 yrs old, so we didn’t understand anything about diamonds. But some thing shiny on a buddy’s ear or your own was cause of pleasure. It had been better yet than trading erasers and stickers! Today, but diamonds continue to be since interesting, but i’ve a unique appreciation for them.

It may seem that diamonds are plentiful. You can’t enter a single mall without passing at the very least two diamond dealers. When you need to purchase diamonds, you can find most likely 15 places in an eight-mile radius. Well, we are now living in Los Angeles, so there could even become more right here. But diamonds are among the rarest treasures in the world. Also rarer gets one with a great slice, color and high quality. Appears similar to a haircut, does it not?

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