Norelco All In One

The Norelco bodygroom trims and shaves all human body areas. It is a convenient all-in-one human body grooming system, exclusively for males. Its safe and simple toe use. There are three various bodygroom models available. The very first is the Bodygroom model BG2020, the next a person is the Bodygroom Plus design BG2030, and the 3rd you’re the Bodygroom Pro model BG2040. All three models tend to be 100% water evidence, increasing the convenience of trimming and shaving the human body into the shower, also making them super easy to clean.

Bodygroom BG2020

This skin friendly Norelco bodygroom provides the most readily useful overall performance and feels great. The trim and shave head has ben incorporated with self-sharpening pre-trimmers at both edges of the groomer, so you can get an in depth shave in just an individual stroke (despite having longer tresses).

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